WeF1 offers a Ferrari F1 steering wheel (1:1 reproduction)

During the “invitation phase” which consists in gathering 100 000 fans, WeF1 offers a draw to win a Ferrari F1 steering wheel (1:1 reproduction). Here are the 3 rules to win it.


Rule #1: ask an invitation

To begin, ask your invitation for the launch of the team. This is completely free as long as we don’t gather at least 100 000 invitations.

You will receive a confirmation email that includes a link toward your sponsorship page.

Rule #2: generate 3 new invitations

From your sponsorship page (very important, each sponsorship page is unique), tell your friend to join the project and to ask their invitations.

If you forget your link, feel free to ask me to resend it and don’t forget to precise the email whith which you asked your invitation.

As soon as you have generated 3 new invitations, you participate to the draw to win the steering wheel.

Rule #3: to unlock the dotation, gather at least 50’000 invitations

The steering wheel is unlock for the win only if we gather at least 50’000 invitations within the 31st of December 2017 at 11:59pm (Paris time).

So don’t hesitate to tell a maximum of people to join the project!

Good luck!

See the official rules.


If you notice any translation mistake, feel free to tell me.

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